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It can be universally recognized that people wear sunglasses for several reasons, one of which is to stare at people without being caught; very much like our social lives. We like to watch, not be watched.

Over the years, fashion has developed dramatically and this includes eyewear and sunnies. Since eyewear is such a major part of our #ootd, it is only logical that we take a walk down memory lane and reminisce the good old days of cat eyes and aviators.


The 1930s called for thin, round or hexagonal glasses. These sunnies gave Hollywood’s bigwigs, a sense of elite and sophistication.



The 1940s were the time for the classic ‘cat eye’ shades and similar looking eyeglasses. It was during this era that both Hollywood starlets and the public embraced tinted glasses as a prominent fashion trend.



The 1950s brought in the trend of the much-loved Aviators and the designed/bejeweled cat-eye frames. These sunnies had huge demand owing to the ability to add a little something special to any outfit, be it casuals or occasion wear.



In the 1960s, Jackie O took the world of Fashion by storm with huge rimmed ‘haters gonna hate’ sunglasses that added a touch of sophistication and were super attractive at that time.



The 1970s were the time of the oversized shades to characterize the boisterous personalities of the youth and the elderly alike. These shades were a chic addition to regular outfits that might otherwise be boring.



Fast forwarding 10 years later, shades needed to match the pops of color flowing through the 80s. This was the era to experiment with different colors and tints in order to always be one fashionable step ahead.



The eyewear trend in the 90s was characterized by thin framed rimmed glasses that suited the ‘Beverly Hills’ and NSYNC look to a T.



In the 2000s, big blingy glasses were in vogue owing to the Boho chic trend that was inspired by music cultures. Add to that, the Paris Hilton shades, and Voila! Oversized, tinted, blingy glasses were pretty much everywhere.



Since, we live in a culture of diversity and ‘a little bit of this and a little bit of that’, eyewear fashion takes a little bit from the past and mashes it up with trends we’d like to see in the future.


It’s amazing how you can wear shades like these, throw in a good selfie game, add to it, some ‘Valencia’ filter and you’ve got yourself an A grade Instagram shot #shadegame  #throwingshade

Be it the 30s, 70s or 2016, sunglasses have been an integral part of our wardrobe, so you go ahead and rock those sunnies because every day is a fashion show and the world is your runway.

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