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It is believed that the eyes are the windows to your soul and windows for you to perceive the world. So in case you’re a good ol’ four eyes (nothing to be embarrassed about that) your windows have a small “tool” called spectacles, that help you see the world with greater clarity and accuracy. So this makes them super important and taking care of your eyewear is of utmost necessity. So since we know pretty much everything, here’s a quick list of tips and tricks to get your glasses squeaky clean.

  1. Rinse lightly with water:

Why use water to rinse glasses when you could just wipe them? That’s because, dust and dirt may be lodged between parts of the frame and even on the lens and wiping on a dry surface may add to the problem rather that solving it. Hence light rinsing is always the best alternative for a thorough cleaning.

  1. Dry:

After rinsing the glasses, avoid wiping them as it may be abrasive. Instead allow it to airdry for a while. (Don’t worry, they’ll dry up in no time and you’ll be free to use them).

  1. Napkins and tissues? No Thank you!

Avoid using napkins and tissues (Hello Mc Donald’s napkins, I’m looking at you) to clean your glasses. Although they may be baby soft on skin, they’re textured and using them is just asking for scratches.

  1. Timing

Spectacles must be washed at least once a day for optimal state. The aforementioned steps can be followed everyday to ensure that you eyewear is in A1 condition. However, they must not be washed more than twice a day. Too much icing spoils the cake right?

  1. Storage

Storage of eyewear is key for those long lasting, perfect condition glasses.  They can be stored in any of the boxes that come when you purchase the glasses. But in case you’re not interested in carrying bulky boxes, opt for lighter, sleeker alternatives like Microfiber pouches. Also avoid keeping glasses lens down as it is guaranteed to give your glasses a score of scratches and abrasions.

So there you have it lovelies. Now go ahead and wear those pretty glasses all day and treat them well, because life would be hell without them.

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