Modern Eye Dilemma



With technological advancement to the level of it becoming a vital part of our lives, there’s no way we can stay away from any type of electronic device that does not cause strain on our eyes.

This eye-worrying problem phenomenon termed as ‘Digital eye strain’ has been effecting not only youngsters but also men and women at all ages with symptoms like headache, neck and back pain, eye irritation and fatigue. These symptoms are now on even higher rise due to prolonged use of digital devices where individuals tend to engage in more than one devices simultaneously or at different times of the day (Working on Laptop and phone together or separately)

In one of the CBS article, Ashley Welch highlighted the following factors that causes digital eye strain-
Closeness to the screen;
-Frequency and duration of use and
-Degree of exposure to these light emitting screens.

Since we know that we cannot eliminate the use of these devices, we can surely take some precautions to save our vision and some precautionary tips are mentioned below –

-First thing that can be done for obvious reasons would be, limit the prolonged use of these devices. Slowly and daily start to eliminate the number of hours you spend and control the frequency of turning back to these devices. Try to spend more time in physical activities to rest your eyes and at the same time letting the blood circulate better.

– When it comes to children, it’s very important for guardians to monitor how exposed their kids’ sensitive eyes are to the screens as uncontrolled exposure may lead to sleeping and eating disorders, losing attention, obesity, school difficulties, premature aging of eyes, age macular degeneration and other health issues that would affect child’s overall development.

– Also understanding how some working class people’s lifestyle cannot afford to avoid these screens due to work reasons, solutions and precautions exists for them.  These adults can opt for the famous ‘20-20-20 rule’ where they work on screens for 20minutes, then move away from the screen and look away for 20 seconds into something that is 20 feet away from them and repeat the whole rule again.

– The other alternative which is beneficial for everyone who’s using or needs to use digital devices more often, is to use ‘COMPUTER GLASSES’. These glasses are part of a new lens technology that protects user’s eyes from elements that cause digital eye-strain (You can order computer lenses when you choose a frame from SpecsAddict).

-It is necessary for both adults and children to regularly have eye check-ups with their ophthalmologist to rule out any potential disorder or to take corrective measures before it’s too late.

– It is also very necessary for individuals to wear glasses according to the right prescription in order to avoid distressing their vision further.



– Apart from above tips, The American Academy of Ophthalmology also offers the following tips:

  • Sit about 25 inches from the computer screen and position the screen so your eye-gaze is slightly downward.
  • Reduce glare from the screen by lighting the area properly; use a screen filter if needed.
  • Post a note that says “Blink!” on the computer as a reminder.
  • Use artificial tears to refresh your eyes when they feel dry.
  • Take regular breaks from computer work, and try to get enough sleep at night.



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Modern Eye Dilemma – Eyecare Tips

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