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We are lucky enough to live in a world that offers us endless frame shape possibilities-aviator, cat-eye, round, rectangular and so many more. Unfortunately, for those of us who wear glasses for a more functional reason rather than just for style, not every shape works for every prescription so we may have to limit ourselves to certain types of frames.

Below, we offer some tips & tricks on how to find the right frames to fit your prescription needs-

High Negative Power

For people who need to use glasses because they have trouble focusing into the distance, smaller frames would be more beneficial than large rectangular eyeglasses or cat-eye frames with retro wingtips.


High Positive Power

Positive power is for those who need help focusing up close but can see well into the distance, try to avoid bigger lenses as it gives more room for a distorted magnified vision. Look for frames that are narrow and short to minimize this effect and help you get a clearer and more defined vision.


Progressive and Multifocal

For people who have anywhere between two to three prescriptions fitted in a single lens, you need to ensure that there’s enough room for each parameter so you can see comfortably from all angles. Avoid Cat-eye frames and Aviators as most of these frame shapes tend to cut off the bottom portion of your prescription which would result in a loss of reading vision. Look for frames that are larger and have rounded edges or are circular in shape as these are much more ideal.


Selecting the right frame shape according to your prescription

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